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Welcome to Corfu!

Here you may find interesting information about the southern part of Corfu and some details for the most sightseeing places in the area of Lefkimi.

This part of the island is well known with its long sandy beaches and shallow sea, which is one of the important advantage of the resorts in southwestern Corfu. That is why all of them are preferred for vacation by families with children.

Ag. Gordios, Paramonas, Prassoudi, Ag. Georgios on the southwest and the resorts of Benitses, Ag. Ioannis, Moraitika, Messogi and Kavos on the southeastern Corfu are very famous among the tourists and a good base for exploring the whole island.

Undoubtedly the resort with the most numerous beaches is Agios Georgios Argirades, known also as Saint George South.  Situated on the South west coast, about 33 km south of Corfu Town and about 30 km to the airport (driving time about 60 minutes), Agios Georgios is a summer holiday resort, which offers a decent choice of  tavernas, bars and pubs, as well as many kinds of shops and supermarkets. During the night, after a good meal in a traditional Corfu restaurant, you can relax drinking a cocktail choosing one of the several pubs.


The resort of St. George Argirades has two main beaches reached by quiet country lanes. Both beaches are wide, have easy-on-the-feet sand and are safely shallow for children. Sand dunes and a lake add interest to the north beach at Agios Georgios and a little effort is rewarded with the discovery of isolated coves for more undisturbed bathing. There are around 10 km of including the busier South beach and the resort runs along a parallel road and is bordered by olive groves and cypress trees that benefit from the winter rains. One of the assassination scenes of J. Bond film “For your eyes only” was filmed there. Even at the height of the tourist season,  you can be sure of finding a secluded spot to yourself.

Ag. Georgios beach is well organized and considered to be one of the best in Corfu – awarded with blue flag. Sand dunes, isolated coves and a lake add interest to the resort. St George is an ideal base for those who like walking and cycling. Paragliding, snorkeling, wind-surfing and jet skiing are among the water sports on offer here. Boat trips are available from the beach. Bus service connects the village of Agios Georgios to the capital of Corfu twice a day and Kavos with its famous nightlife is about 14 km away.

The most genuine Corfu village in this area is the village of Argyrades, located 33 km from Corfu town. With its traditional architecture, narrow streets with arches and beautiful beaches nearby, it becomes very popular tourist place. Here is the most beautiful beach of Corfu - the beach of Issos in close distance to Korission lake and the attractive secluded sandy beach 2 km away from the center of Ag. Georgios Argyrades, which attracts with its fine yellow sand, cleanness and length of 3 km in south direction getting to the beaches of Ag. Mattheos and Santa Barbara. A few kilometers northern to the village there is the Korrision Lake, protected by the Greek State. Тhe lake is linked with the sea via a narrow and shallow strip of water.

Along the wetlands of Lake Korission the unspoiled sand beach of Halikouna stretches for miles. From the north side at Alonaki a decent dirt track takes you over the dunes to the narrow channel between the lake and the sea. There is an agreeable fishing taverna Alonaki on the northern part and the south side is just as attractive and is reached from Linia.

Lake Korission is a beautiful saltwater lagoon in southwest Corfu, which can be reached on foot by Ag. Georgios Argirades or by car from the main road. Issos beach ( the most northern beach of St.George South, near the Aquis Sands Hotel) is stretched up to the lake. This is an area of great natural beauty and is home to rare vegetation and to hundreds of different types of birds, some of them rare species. You will find curlews, great white egrets, oyster birds and cormorants. The woods, on sandy ground, are full of cedar trees, white lilies and 14 different kinds of orchids. On Lagoudia, the small rocky island opposite the outlet, is a natural shelter for the storks where they nest to lay their eggs. The whole area form the lake to the end of the woods is a prominent part of the hydro-biological life on the island as in this particular area 126 varieties of birds have been watched. It is also on this road from Aghios Matheos to Halikounas where the perennial spring at Gardiki are found. These springs not only give water to the inhabitants of the area but also to the nearby villages. This area is dominated by the ruins of its Byzantine castle, which was probably built in the 13th century by Michael the II, Despoti of Epirus, when Corfu was part of Epirus Despotato. Gardiki is a castle for which there are plenty of stories, folk songs and legends - however it is lacking in actual historical evidence about its history.

Alonaki bay is at the northernmost edge of Korission Lake. The nearby beach of Chalikounas combines the gently rolling sand dunes, with the crystal clear water and, putting the finishing touch to the spectacular scenery, the magnificent memorable sunset. The dirt road that divides the sea from the lake terminates at the lake's outlet to the sea, where the tides flow and a small wooden bridge leads opposite to a unique woodland.There are wonderful views in this area - between Lake Korission and the sea is beautiful Chalikouna Beach and inland you can see the traditional village of Agios Matheos.

Other tourist places of interest in the region of Middle and South Corfu are Moraitika, Messoghi, Paramonas, Prassoudi and Skidi. Close to the mentioned resorts is the village of Aghios Matheos, surrounded by a large and dense forest, where the outlaws of the early 19th century used to hide among the myrtle trees and the heather, that are so fragrant in spring.

From Agios Matheos village, a road leads to Paramonas, a fabulous sandy beach, surrounded by grey rocks and decorated with a few small rocky islands further out in the sea. A couple of tavernas by the seashore serve the hungry swimmers.  Another road, starting just before the village of Agios Matheos, leads south to the small and quiet beaches of Prasoudi, Kanouli, Skidi and the beautiful sweeping bay of Alonaki.

The most suitable starting point to exploring these places is the village of Agios Georgios Argirades.

Not far away from Ag. Georgios Argirades and accessible by asphalt road trough Linia you can reach 4 km away the old-fashioned traditional village of Chlomos. Leave the car on the small square near the bus stop and go walking through the village. You will be amazed by the untouched architecture and the magnificent view both the southeastern and southwestern coast of Ionian sea. Do not miss to go up to the church on the hill! Take your breath and enjoy the unforgettable panorama, sitting on an wooden bench under the shadow of the cypresses.

The largest town of southern Corfu is Lefkimmi, which is about 10 km far from Ag. Georgios Argirades. Here are several traditional villages, many vineyards producing the famed local wine and a picturesque canal, which divides the town into two. 5 km away from Lefkimmi in the south direction is Cavos - the most popular tourist resort for young people with an attractive beach surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees. It is the place, where the wild nightlife does not stop during the high summer season.Not far to the south, near cape Asprokavos, in a lovely verdant setting lies the small fortified monastery of Panaghia Arkoudila, from where the view is magnificent.

Getting there

In order to get here, you can take your car, hire a taxi or the local green bus.

Local buses ( KTEL )

The bus station location is near the new port of Corfu town.

Daily services operated by KTEL provide a complete coverage for transport around the island.

Departures Office KTEL Corfu: +302661028928 (Green buses travel to South Corfu )

There are a bus from Kerkyra to Kavos and back, which passes through Ag. Georgios Argirades only two times per day - in the morning ( about 9 am)  and in the afternoon (about 5 pm). Please, check again for more precise information details.

Taxi Transfers

Please email us if you would like us to arrange a private taxi transfer for you from the airport when you arrive. For more info please click hier.

Getting to South Corfu by ferry

The most convenient way to get to South Corfu is to catch the ferry from Igoumenitsa to Lefkimmi.

For the actual ferry schedule, please take a look at the website: .

Lefkimi-Igoumenitsa Lines (LI)

Passenger Sea Lines

Head office Tel.: +30 26620 29023

Ferries from Igoumenitsa to Corfu (each hour in the summer season)

Port Authorities in Corfu: +30 26610 32655

Port Authorities in Kavos: +30 26620 23277

For more detailed information about all transport connections and everything about Corfu (Kerkyra) please click here.

Car hire

In addition, you can rent a car so that your trip around the area to be more comfortable.
Please, inform us if you need to rent a car during your stay with us in Corfu. We can offer you better prices!